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Property Service Charge

“ARNA specializes in managing Property Service Charge and Commercial service charge reconciliation, with a proven track record of working with top 10 service charge companies in the UK and managing over 100,000 properties. We have successfully delivered over 100 service charge packs and are experts in managing Demand, Reserve, and handling Section 22 efficiently.

At ARNA, we take pride in our excellent reputation gained over many years as Chartered Management Accountants and residential property managers. We provide customized business support that is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that we align with your priorities.

With our extensive experience in property service charge reconciliation in the UK, we have helped numerous clients in the real estate industry achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings. Currently, we proudly serve two of the top 10 property management companies in the UK, both of which have a workforce of over 2000 employees.

Our dedicated team of experts possesses extensive knowledge and experience in the complexities of service charge legislation and regulations. We are committed to ensuring full compliance with these laws while simultaneously optimizing your financial performance.

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