Digs Property Management

Digs have done a great job and I would recommend them to other landlords looking to rent out their property.

I was especially impressed with their follow-ups when I had questions that he needed to investigate further. I didn't feel like they were just giving me any answer to please me. I would absolutely recommend Digs to other tenants looking for a home in Oxford.

It's an age old addage but the term 'spring clean' could soon be very appropriate for your rented properties. New appliances needed? Gas safety certificates or HMO licences need renewing? Touch up of paint? Don't panic! It can seem very overwhelming to look at your checklist - but Digs are here to help. We have a team of maintenance workers that we work with on a regular basis and so not only have we built up a strong relationship based on trust, but we can be extremely competitive of price as well. Call us today and tick all those items off of your 'to do' list thats been buried on your desk since before Christmas!