We are the residents of Heron mews consisting of 5 households would like to know the cost of using your services.

We have a drive from Angley Road down to the Mews a pair of Electric gates and then raised gardens along completely one side only partway other side of the drive.

The house has in some case been built just over 2 years part now all 5 dwellings are occupied and we need to get things in place.

We would require the communal areas looked after the raised garden which would include sweeping or blowing all the drive and communal areas to cover the drive and area at the Angley Road side of the gates.

We would require a service contract gates and electric lights and an emergency number should it be required and insurance including any liabilities that may arise.

Please would you provide details of what coverage and what prices?

I am sure that you have details that you can provide.