The current Managing Agent is retiring in the near future and the building, which is managed by an RTM, is seeking to appoint a new managing agent.

The building consists of 55 flats and two commercial properties.

A schedule of the current contract with the Managing Agent is attached.

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Osborne Court - Draft Management Contract March 2015

Schedule 1 Part 1 The Fee
The services to be provided for the annual management fee, of xxxx for the first year (2015/16) are as follows:
1. Building Inspections - to carry out regular inspections of the building to identify minor problems, defective lights, areas of damp etc and arrange the necessary corrective action. Monitor the performance of the basement pump. Ensure that the rainwater drains are free-flowing.
2. Board Meetings and AGM - attend board meetings. Prepare a report in advance of meetings setting out actions taken and problems identified that require action.
3. Maintenance Strategy. In conjunction with the Technical Director prepare a maintenance strategy for Board approval and report its implementation to the Board.
4. Annual Budget – Assist the Finance Director in the preparation of the Budget as required by him. Highlight anticipated maintenance requirements.
5. Insurance – Ensure that the building insurance is adequate. Obtain annual quotations to ensure that charges are minimized. Deal with claims both on behalf of the OCRTMC and of individual residents.
6. Board Liaison – maintain good liaison with board members. Advise on current legislation regarding Leasehold purpose-built blocks of flats and Right to Manage Company responsibilities. The primary point of contact is with the Chair of the Board.
7. Leaseholder Liaison – Act as the point of the first contact for all leaseholders. Deal with routine enquiries from leaseholders and residents. Assist
8. Lease compliance – Ensure that residents comply with the terms of their lease and with agreed management policies.
9. Solicitors enquiries – respond to enquiries relating to sales and all other building and management related matters.
10. Pay wages – to any employee or agent of the OCRTMC, keep PAYE, NIC and pension records as appropriate. (NB: The OCRTMC does not currently have any employees.)
11. Minor contracts - Obtain estimates for minor contracts, place and supervise such contracts to ensure good performance of contractors. (NB: Such contracts are to be supported by purchase order.)
12. Contractor Supervision - monitor contractors/tradesmen working flats and enforce their responsibility to keep the building clean and not to leave arisings from the renovation outside of the flat they are working on.
13. Carpet Cleaning - Assist in the placing of contracts for cleaning carpets and monitor the performance of the contractors.
14. Window cleaning - Monitor the window cleaning contract and make recommendations if necessary.
15. Balcony cleaning - Arrange the power washing of the large balcony area annually.
16. Internal doors - ensure that all internal doors function correctly and take necessary action where defects are found. Ensure that fire doors are self-closing
17. Lifts and Utilities - Monitor existing contracts to ensure the RTM gets good value. Investigate and propose alternatives when contract are due for renewal.

Osborne Court - Draft Management Contract March 2015
18. Lifts- attend when the lift engineers are present. Reset lifts should this be required. (NB: The lifts are unreliable and it is not possible to set a confirmed schedule for this activity.)
19. Fire and Health and Safety - Liaise with the Fire Alarm company, ensure that the weekly fire alarm test is carried out. Carry out duties of the "Responsible Person" under the requirements of Health and Safety legislation. If there are issues, that need to be considered these should be raised with the Board member who oversees this area (currently Mr J Ashley)
20. Risk assessment – Maintain the requirements of the existing Fire Risk Assessment control measures and the Electrical Safety report and review as necessary.
21. Waste Bin Area – ensure that the bin area is kept clean and tidy especially after refuse collection. Issue waste recycle bags to residents.

Part 2
Fees due to the Managing Agent shall be paid to him from the service charge receipts collected from the Tenants by the Managing Agent and shall be paid in twelve equal instalments on the last day of the month, or the first working day thereafter.
Payment for materials and for services outside this contract shall be invoiced at the end of each month.

Part 3 Disbursements
The following disbursements shall be reimbursed at cost;
• Cost of cleaning materials and consumables
• Cost of materials for building maintenance and repairs